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Fake news is relentlessly putting out stories whose themes focus on racism and mental illness.  Homeless man (mentally ill?) brings down I-85 in Atlanta (see here); Indian American shot in Olathe, Kansas (see here).  "We're all humans," says Ian Grillot, the hero of this event, who counted the shot/bullets before he decided to intervene (who does that?) and, when shot himself, experienced another of the most magical bullet trajectories -- first shot in the hand, bullet then enters the left side of his chest, collapses a lung, just misses his carotid artery and finally severs a vertebra in his neck.  Note that he says: "I didn't want the gentleman to potentially go after somebody else ..." Gentleman?  A shooter is not this.  Potentially go after?  One doesn't dance around potentiality in such situations ... Why this vocabulary?  It's manicured speech, not natural word selection after being through trauma, and, he is well enough to give an interview the very next day ... hardly possible if you have suffered this much internal body damage, according to non-fake-news experts. 


Wife's statements below: "I need an answer from the government -- what they're gonna do to stop this hate crime."  Note: in two weeks, Srinivas Kuchibhotla would have celebrated his 33rd birthday.