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Consider this information:



Note: Turning off "cellular data" tip from EMS Safety Zone: A friend of mine told me that turning off the "cellular data" option would create much less radiation, and he asked me to bring my RF meter over to check this out. I brought my microwave meter over to his home today and low and behold, he was right!

If you own an iPhone, there is an option in the settings menu referred to as "cellular data." If you DISABLE the following options: WIRELESS, BLUETOOTH, and CELLULAR DATA, guess what? ... the phone will still receive and make calls, will still send and receive texts, but there is no radiation coming out of the phone until a call is activated. I verified this with the microwave meter. And even when making or receiving a call, the radiation was much lower then when the wireless and bluetooth options were enabled as well.

Thus, with the "cellular data" option disabled (and of course the wireless and bluetooth disabled as well), you basically turn the iPhone into one of the old-style flip phones, as it is no longer constantly exchanging data with local cell towers and pulsing large amounts of dangerous radiation through your body while it does this. 



We now know that DNA samples received by sites like and 23andme are sold to biotech companies and Big Pharma.  However, a new lure has been created for DNA donation ... cryptocurrency.  Everybody has DNA, right?  All you have to do is give it up for a stake in the booming cryptocurrency market.

The growing interest in cryptocurrency has now led scientists to hatch a plan to attempt to bait people into turning over their DNA samples to the government in exchange for cryptocurrency investment. A group of scientists is going to give people who turn over their DNA to pharmaceutical companies interest in a new cryptocurrency called Luna Coin.


Realizing that the masses are now interested in cryptocurrency, pharmaceutical companies (or scientists) have realized a presence for an opportunity. That’s what Luna Coin is, an opportunity to trade a cryptocurrency for DNA samples. ... The company that creates Luna Coins is called Luna DNA. We can trace this back to the genetic research firm Illumina, where the Luna DNA’s CEO Bob Kain, was Illumina’s chief engineering officer. ...

Luna Coins are set to launch next year. They plan to earn $40 million to $50 million by selling the coins on the open crypto-market prior to turning them into DNA chum for a herd that’s desperate to gain position in a cryptocurrency market that’s incredibly inflated.

Read full article here.



This little bird has the iPhone ringtone down pat.  He sings it when his owner is tying his shoes, getting ready to leave the house.  Obviously, the bird is protesting being left alone.  Does he correlate the sound of the iPhone with feeling bad -- the radio-frequencies surging as ringtone begins?  RF microwaves are known to cause harm to living tissues.  (Just a thought ...)




The poster person on DEW (directed energy weapons) does not believe 2017 California "wild" fires were caused this way:




James Tracy December 2017

A very good analysis of the "high-profile" FAU lawsuit brought by Dr. James Tracy can be found here.  It is written by a tenured university professor, and explains how case issues were limited at trial (to one only) and the jury's own limitations in understanding what is really at stake for America today -- i.e., academic freedom and free speech.

Then there's this December 19th opinion piece from the Florida Sun-Sentinel ... Fortunately, James Tracy gave Florida Atlantic University a reason to fire him.  But what if he hadn’t?  What if Tracy had posted goofy, offensive conspiracy theories on his blog while complying with rules about outside activity by professors? Under that scenario, it would have been tough, if not impossible, to fire Tracy.





Possible real mission behind "net neutrality" ... please watch and think about it!





The Carnicom Institute was founded by aerosols researcher Clifford Carnicom.  It is now based in Idaho.  Here is its December newsletter:

Clifford’s recent work continues to be focused on the development of laboratory methods of gas chromatography, pyrolysis, elemental analysis, combustion analysis, protein analysis, ultra-violet spectral analysis, HEPA filter analysis, and DNA extraction. The work is involved and complex, and it involves a strong interaction between health and environmental issues. Innumerable hours in the laboratory are being devoted in the depth of the research. This work has a critical role in furthering the research into the Morgellons organism, health in general, and the environment. 


From The Daily Sheeple: