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Remember the term "high fidelity" from the early days of audio recordings?  Remember your funky record player and LPs and singles?  Well, for a taste of how far we've come, watch this:




Now viewers get to caption and mass-flag videos ... thanks to a project called "YouTube Heroes."  From a post on ForbiddenKnowledgeTV: "Launched on September 20th by the YouTube Help account, this program is clearly in response to the millions of anti-establishment posts which have been the lifeblood of YouTube since its very beginning."  YT's announcement of its "Heroes" project has nearly half a million thumbs-down votes from the public, but we know that doesn't matter.  "The opportunities for abuse of this feature are flabbergasting," says ForbiddenKnowledgeTV ... a trolls' dream come true.  




Who'da thunk it?  "America's favorite pastime" is a Masonic indulgence -- an ode to ritual sacrifice, no less.  All I can say is, read more here ...




Interviews with the people of Duffield, Virginia who worked at and lived near the biggest lithium plant in the country.  Lithium is used by the nuclear industry, and is derived from spodumene, a mineral rock found abundantly in the underground caves of our mountain chains.  Foote Mineral's lithium plant contaminated this corner of Virginia such that its residents have been suffering for decades from illness and debilitation, in many instances since birth.

Children drank from the local creek, white "snow" covered the ground on a regular basis, "something" came out of the factory chimneys every day.  Residents grew up to develop breast cancer, heart problems, respiratory and vision problems, kidney stones.  Their children have had health issues since birth.  The people of Duffield may be typical of many more Americans who grew up near Manhattan Project refineries and chemical plants.



Same video, with captions (for those who have trouble with the regional accents):



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I did a show with Richie Allen on September 15th, 2016 about Morgellons and transhumanism.  The YouTube is below; pictures that Richie was looking at can be found below that:



Freemason symbolWe see a lot in pictures.  To the left is the classic emblem of Freemasonry -- compass and square, as these Builders of the World like to tell us, along with the letter G that stands for the 5th Science, geometry.  Now take a look at the 9/11 Memorial in New York City, set where the Twin Towers used to be, in a place now known as "Ground Zero."




911 Memorial NYC 




The highly popular and controversial "There Are No Forests" video brought me to the material below, presented by Dr. Suzanne Simard, forest ecology expert at the University of British Columbia.  Trees in a forest are interconnected by a vast underground fungal network -- the original "internet of the Earth."  Professor Simard tells us that by way of this network, trees communicate with other, no matter how far away they are:




Related topic on the fungus mycelium:



Also see the website