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2016 documentary about a famous financial "expert":



Read and learn a lot more here.




In a 1983 documentary called Building the World Trade Center and produced by the Port Authority itself, a famous waltz begins at almost exactly the 9:11 minute mark.  Most people will remember hearing this melody (very recognizable and famous) ... What is shocking is the name of the piece: the Vienna Blood Waltz by Johann Strauss.  Any bit of music could have been laid behind this footage in the film, but this particular composition was chosen.


Go to 9:11 minutes:



Find the same notes beginning at 1:37 time code:




From the 1944 film Hollywood Canteen






swollen kneeModern medicine is constantly fighting inflammation. From icing our aching limbs to taking aspirin and NSAIDs, we've been raised to believe we must bring the swelling down ... but what if swelling were a great thing?  It is.  When injured or diseased, the body begins the "inflammatory response," which is really a series of critical repair stages, involving enlarging and walling off the injured site, rushing blood and lymph fluid to bring in nutrients and remove waste, and instituting a specific enzyme and cell-feeding sequence that sets the stage for tissue regeneration.

Interference with the inflammatory response results in the biochemistry of repair being sabotaged such that incomplete healing is likely to occur, with the chance of chronic, recurring problems.  So rather than viewing the discomfort of swelling and inflammation as being something to suppress, why not let your body do its thing?

See a wonderful, inspiring piece by Vic Shayne, PhD and Judith DeCava, CNC here

A brief documentary from the BBC on Wi-Fi hazards, explaining how government and industry standards on public safety are being derived:




The woman featured in this article, titled "Finally, Someone Who Thinks Like Me," is a boatload of conspiracy theorists all rolled into one.  MSN did a good job depicting an alternative thinker as an anxiety-ridden, chain-smoking sad sack.  The message of the piece is patently clear: Those who think beyond network TV news are bonkers, and need to be committed, drugged and watched, especially if they voice their views online!  If the article linked above were an Easter-egg hunt, see how many Easter eggs (conspiracy theories) you can find.

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