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How aware are you of chemtrails?

You can read her Wiki entry here.  Jill Stein is a medical doctor and researcher (Harvard Medical School), environmental activist, retired internist (practitioner of adult medicine) and former instructor of medicine at Harvard.  She and her running mate Ajamu Baraka will be on 90% of election ballots this November.  While Stein seems savvy enough about politics (in certain ways), the Green Party's position on global warming is questionable, to say the least ...  Anyway, here are a couple of Jill Stein YouTubes:





Also called "Mattress Jack" ... This film takes a look into JFK's serial marital infidelities and affairs.  Was it his nature, or was he deliberately lured with these incentives so as to endanger the possibility of his second term? 





Whether you are a Globester or a Flat Earther, this is a great explanation:




The PDF linked below is a very effective and helpful explanation of how our biology reacts to electromagnetic energy/frequencies out of the natural range (i.e., what exists normally in nature).  Dr. Marino is a biophysicist with specialties in neurology and cell biology.  Interesting points: EMFs are registered below the conscious level of the brain; that is, in what is called the "lower brain," below what is referred to as the cerebral cortex. Yet the stimuli (EM waves) produce physical results in our tissues and cells, felt by some people as distinct and uncomfortable symptoms/reactions.  Conventional science dismisses the effects of EMFs as irrelevant and harmless, but thousands of studies indicate otherwise.  Read full PDF here.  More on Andrew Marino, Ph.D., J.D. here.






Natural light comes from fire and sun, both supplying heat.  Our biology needs thermal energy as well as light; innumerable biological functions depend on both.  Today's artificial lighting (LED, fluorescent), on the way to eclipsing the incandescent bulbs we grew up with, is not full spectrum and creates what is known as biological darkness.  Dr. Alexander Wunsch is a German photobiologist who is interviewed below by Dr. Joseph Mercola.  Listen for a fascinating education on why the sun is so important to living things:



Info on Dr. Wunsch and his practice here




Aclara Technologies, LLC has produced a "safer" smart meter, now being tested in Truckee, California.  What's safer about it?  The meter pulses once every 15 minutes, at 460 Megahertz (compared to the 900 MHz and soon-to-be-higher relayers on regular smart meters).  Aclara believes this meter is a compromise in terms of damage to biological life ... fewer pulses, lower frequency, and lower power as well. Watch the video, and then go to the one below to see how ordinary smart meters (being rolled out all over the country) affect life:



Check out this orange tree:



Read more here



Holographic images will someday be a completely normal part of our lives.  (Chat with your dead relatives!)  The Department of Defense and the Shoah Foundation are being especially active in the development of this new medium that employs a light stage and huge numbers of images taken from all angles to record the most minute aspects of response and behavior.