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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Must watch and absorb this:




Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Andrew Saul, Ph.D. on hospitals as big business and what you can do to hugely improve your stay, and your chance of surviving a hospital stay (no kidding):




At first this story seems isolated and irrelevant, but the longer Dave Begotka talks, the more you will catch on.  Also watch Part 2 and Part 3 on YouTube; to read the full story, click here.  (Events begin in 1985 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, near Lake Michigan, where a woman was raped while jogging on the beach; Steven Avery was convicted for the crime, imprisoned, and later exonerated by DNA testing.)




Bees frequent swimming pools and ditches and the beach, in search of little sips of water.  To learn more about what they do with water, besides drinking it, click here.




And these are not the kind from other planets:




This 1993 film chronicles the life of Jacqueline Kennedy, whose soft and demure ways might well have been artificial, intended to present a proper First Lady.  Some additional notes of interest: Jackie's mother Janet Lee was actually born a Levy (in fact not related to the aristocratic Southern Lees); thus the famous Mrs. Kennedy was likely half Jewish.  She became as wildly popular as Princess Diana [would later be], crowning the best-dressed list in 1960 (even while at the White House, patriarch Joe Kennedy had to foot the bill for her clothes), and a lifelong celebrity.  Her interest in wealth and power would be reflected by the partner choices she made after the death of JFK: Greek billionaire and shipping mogul Aristotle Onassis, followed by diamond broker Maurice Tempelsman.






He sure sounds like he's telling the truth ...