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Animal fossils found in an underwater cave hung with sediment, just like the caverns above-ground today ... bat skull, crocodile skeleton, tortoise ... all thousands of years old ... Makes you wonder how the world was before we had the oceans:




Warren Woodward of Arizona shows us exactly what a Smart meter does when attached to your wiring.  The high-voltage transients shown by the oscilloscope (a.k.a. "dirty electricity") in addition to the continual RF pulses add up to great stress on your neurobiology.  (Note: Don't be fooled by the TWACS meters used in some counties, said to be electrical only (no RF); here's a pdf to read about this technology.)




Silky and lemon sharks in Florida, swimming with the Llaneza sisters.  





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Computers can split and multiply votes, turning 1000 votes into 100,000 or more and also minutely fractionalizing them (e.g., 1000 votes counted as .01 vote).  Voting is scalable these days.  Read more here.  Thank you, Bennie Smith!




Thanks to the October 18, 2016 Wikileaks email dump, these photos of Antarctica were discovered.  Just think -- penguins surround the earth!




Ben Cort talks to a youth audience about the real picture of legalized marijuana in his state of Colorado ... The THC content of marijuana is greater today than it was a couple of decades ago, as dispensaries are competing for "the highest, cheapest high."  Financied by an actual drug lobby (just like lobbies for other commodities), today's marijuana has unknown effects on the brain.  And of course, it's about profit: the industry wants to convert more new users and induce existing users to buy and use more.  Weed stickers are plastered everywhere in Colorado, pushing pot on children; marijuana coupons are included in ValuPak household circulars; multiple legal "servings" packed into candy and sodas; learn about marijuana-induced psychosis ... Must watch: