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Proposed by Pete Hendrickson of, who writes: "These folks [meaning any person holding or exercising any office or agency of the United States] simply will not police themselves."  Read the text of this proposed 28th Article of Amendment here, and be sure to make yourself familiar with the Doreen Hendrickson case (watch video below), which inspired it!

Well, this is either one brave guy, or a wildly unrealistic perfectionist -- as he states he is in search of a particular "action photo" of his unfortunate captive.  Worth watching and marveling at ...

Here is Colter H. of California free-handling a Western diamondback.  Another unbelievable performance:

Here, Colter has been bitten, requiring 40 vials of anti-venom ... hospital video with his doleful comments.

One more rattlesnake entry:  A northern Californian woman, BJ (age 72!), pinned this big rattler (click photos to enlarge) with a shovel when she found it in front of her house, going after one of her cats.  Later, she skinned and gutted it, dried the skin, and cut up the flesh to keep in the freezer.  Rattlesnake is a delicacy, and apparently tastes like chicken.

BJ's rattlesnake

Drying rattlesnake skin

This could happen to anyone.  Audio says "Watch as this man so consumed by his cell phone conversation ends up head over heels on the train tracks ..."  I call this the World of 2D, meaning the Second Dimension, as opposed to the Third Dimension, which is our real existence of physical matter and real-time issues.  The 2D world occupies many people's consciousness these days as they check their phones and screens for digital messages and information that is NOT brought to them by people and situations of their immediate surroundings.  Emergency room visits by 2D "victims" have reached new highs, especially in the 21-25 age group.  See more here.

Here, what is officially known as a heckler attempts to inform The Trump about the September 11th attacks.  Martin Hill, whose website is, originates from Los Angeles and has been driving hundreds of miles to Trump rallies (read his own post here).  The video below shows the scuffle following Hill's "messaging" at a December 21, 2015 Michigan rally, and below it is the full news video in which you can much more clearly hear the gallant way in which The Trump responded to the interruption.

Unfortunately, the news video showing the full speech does not embed.  Please start at the 20-minute mark for Trump's handling of the issue in the video linked here.

It gets stranger and deeper. The person we knew as Rebekah Roth, former flight attendant turned 9/11 expert, appears to have been born Kristy McQuade. She later became "Koreann Ashlie" rather than Kristy (see link).  In the video below, taken in Las Vegas and uploaded in 2010, a woman who looks very much like the person we know as "Rebekah Roth" is introduced as Kristina Sorenson (1:15 time code). She is uncharacteristically quiet (compared to the Roth we have heard on interviews!) and yet when she does say something, it is Roth's voice:

Another AbFabWomen video here -- same woman (Roth) introduced as Kristina Sorenson.  "AbFab" means Absolutely Fabulous.  Others have dug into Roth: see here.  Kurt Haskell finds her to be someone called "Sara" (see here and here), although some of his findings seem to be a stretch.  Lots of names for one person, who may not be a flight attendant at all, as we have never been shown a photo of "Rebekah Roth" in uniform. (See my earlier post "Is Rebekah Roth also Monika Gaynor?".)  Roth, who now admits using a pen name, but does not discuss her other aliases, gives another YouTube response here (posted January 10, 2015).

Update: Kurt Haskell's 4-part investigative findings are here.  Rather devastating information.  "Roth" may be someone's tool to push an agenda, given her particular personality and background. The fact that she was so bold about discussing a particular country's role in 9/11, yet she had the "wrong" balance of comments on Amazon -- tons of praise that sounded false and no trolls taking her to task for her central thesis -- suggests an underlying agenda.