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Few people are the Ken O'Keefe type!  Emphatic and tough as they come ... here O'Keefe tells the story of how many times he has given up his United States citizenship:

We are in the Age of Machine Thinking.  Physicists and math geeks are relying on algorithms to predict our behaviors (even our thinking), so that corporations can conveniently address our every need and interest accordingly with their services and goods.  Algorithms (complex computer programs) already control Wall Street, making the majority of investment trades (that's our money!).  But their decisions (yes, computer decisions) are taking us over.  Listen to this story of how math has leapfrogged over our heads to govern us, without most people helpless to figure out what's going on.  Kevin Slavin states in the video below: "And it's not the money that's so interesting actually -- it's what the money motivates. We're actually terraforming the Earth itself with this kind of algorithmic efficiency."  We are seeing "prophecy for the seismic, terrestrial effects of the math that we're making ... [with] ... a third co-evolutionary force -- algorithms."  More here, if you're interested!

I was very excited to read Dr. Mercola's review of the book by Travis Christofferson on the real nature of what we call cancer: it is the result of mitochondrial dysfunction.  The mitochondria are tiny organs within the cell that make the molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is like a nano battery from which the cell draws electrons to do its work.  "Life" is dependent on cellular energy.  Cancer cells, it appears, do not produce their energy aerobically (in the mitochondria), but instead make energy anaerobically in the cytoplasm, using glucose (a throwback from our pre-oxygen existence).  Cancer cells are glycolytic, and the origin of cancer is not genetic, as current science would like you to believe: it is an energy-deficiency issue because the mitochondria are failing.  Christofferson's work unearths the importance of a ketogenic (fat-based) diet rather than a carb-based one, as glucose is derived from carbohydrates.  Starve those tumors! is the idea.  Ketosis and intermittent "starvation" (metabolizing fat by dietary fasting or eating at long intervals), spurs the body to be much more metabolically responsible and creative, would be my way of putting it.  (Read full Mercola article, "The Metabolic Theory of Cancer and the Key to Cancer Prevention and Recovery.")

Listen to the interview with Travis Christofferson (between two professionals, so it's a bit hard to follow):

A wonderful personal story: Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews former patient Sarah Allen.  Sarah, an athlete, was only in her 20s when she began to notice pain in her body that doctors were not able to diagnose properly for several years.  She made an appointment to see Dr. Mercola (practicing in a nearby state) and got a dose of life-changing insight.  Listen to this discussion (only 14 minutes of your time).  Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that is most often seen in women and involves progressive crippling of the body's joints, although sometimes only in the feet and hands.  It can be very painful and disabling.  If this autoimmune disease responds so well to dietary changes, imagine what all the others might do!

AliensAt the risk of annoying those who believe in aliens (of whatever sort), just know that the title is a phrase from a post on, authored by Ken, and a very interesting post indeed.  Here it is for your reading pleasure.

Quote:  As for genetic technology, it likely followed a similar development process. Biotechnology developed in secret labs progressed at a much faster pace than that of public labs. In a public lab, scientists must go begging for funding and are limited in what they can do by ethical concerns. In bankster-funded secret labs, though, resources are practically unlimited and no ethical concerns are allowed to inhibit research. For this reason, all sorts of sad creatures were likely created as the scientists experimented with different blends of human, animal, and synthetic genes. When the so-called “aliens” show up, you’ll see the results of all that work. And you’ll see their crowning achievement when the “angels” show up in 2023.

Former White House Middle East Policy advisor Gwyneth Todd tells her story.  Must watch!  (Please note the print on her T-shirt: "No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.")

We know that there have been many references to real catastrophes in movies, TV shows and other forms of media long before they happen.  Hands of a watch shown at 9:11, for instance.  People have found these and created videos and Internet posts about them for years.  Here's a very blatant "description" from the 2016 X Files premiere (video by SGT Report).  They're not being subtle, folks! 

So what is the significance of such a forecast coming from our entertainment screens?  Well, for one thing, we -- SITTING AND WATCHING -- are being put on notice.  We are even asking for, paying for, participating in this exchange as a willing, voluntary audience.  Additionally, it is said by the wisest among us (alternative thinkers), if we are warned and we do nothing, then we are making ourselves fair game.  This is a kind of cosmic/karmic principle the powers that be use to absolve themselves of guilt and responsibility for the horrors being imposed on innocent people all over the world.  Yes, we could be having wonderful lives with plentiful everything and mental peace and happiness, but the fact that we are warned and we sit and take it all in and don't attempt to save ourselves means we deserve what we get.  Apparently.