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How aware are you of chemtrails?

As the pot is melted all over the world by interracial intermixing, here's Muhammad Ali's blunt view of the matter from a 1971 BBC interview:

A simple breakdown of how your body works.  Worth watching to understand the different parts of the nervous system:

Doreen Hendrickson and her childrenIt isn't just another "tax case" with a guilty verdict.  Doreen Hendrickson was being forced by the justice system to testify against her beliefs, and when unwilling to do so, was incarcerated.  Her story is explained in detail by World Net Daily (, with the title "Woman Jailed for Refusing Federal Order to Commit Perjury."  Opening lines: When a federal court and the federal government ordered Doreen Hendrickson to sign a form under penalty of perjury that she believed to be inaccurate, the mother of two initially refused to comply. Eventually she obeyed, but noted that the sworn statement was being made under duress. Now, because of that decision, she is sitting behind bars for "contempt of court." A federal appeal is being considered in what sources called an "unprecedented" case, with arguments from both sides presented last month. The case has broad implications for free speech and due process.

From the end of the article: "Today Doreen Hendrickson sits in a federal prison for having the temerity to disagree with the government and expressing her disagreement," Doreen Hendrickson's attorney for the appeals process told WND. "As required under the court order for which she stands convicted of violating, Mrs. Hendrickson submitted amended tax returns. In doing so, she reported as 'income' earnings that she truly believes are not properly subject to tax. Since tax returns require [us] to affirm [our] subjective belief of the accuracy of the recorded information, Mrs. Hendrickson qualified her filings by stating her disagreement with the compelled characterization of certain items as 'income.' No one disputes that Mrs. Hendrickson believes what she claims to believe. Instead, our constitutional government has unilaterally decided that her good efforts to comply with a court order are simply not good enough because she expressed her sincerely held view that the items she was required to declare as 'income' are not 'income.' This represents a shameful abuse of public authority."

Read full article here.

A most controversial viewpoint and yet a compelling argument if you watch this to the very end, as the maker of the video -- "Black Pigeon" -- requests:

Monster energy drinkThe energy-drink market is all about devilish graphics, and the contents are being consumed by impressionable children and teens, along with plenty of adult construction workers and those who are convinced that their bodies are receiving benefit from these misleading (and very possibly harmful) products.  After viewing the huge variety of brands and similarity of branding, you could call them satanic "energy drinks" or "satanic energy" drinks ... What we see and handle and take in (to our bodies) affects us in untold ways.  See full piece here from

Tiny monster chemtrails

Now what about this?  Do you see the three vertical wisps in the sky?  These were chemtrails visible in Oregon (see full picture here).  Turns out the single wisp is the Hebrew "v" or "w" called vav, also the symbol for the number 6.  So we have 666 in the sky, and on the popular drink known as Monster.  See the comparison picture here.

I met Deni-Lynn at the gem fair in Del Mar, California in the early 1990s.  She was selling Shadow Cards at a table; they were a card deck with words and pictures that presented "food for thought" when you picked a combination.  She had me try, and I picked two "zingers" in a row: matching word and picture.  Know that all the cards were lying face down in two rows on the table and I simply picked one from each row -- two times.  Deni-Lynn's mouth was open.  She said she had never seen a matching word and image come up twice in a row for ANYONE.  So that connected me to her right away, because I knew something unusual had happened.  Deni-Lynn stayed with me after that when she did the gem fairs in San Diego, and I was to learn some very important things from her about living life.  She died from cancer in 2004, and here is a most unusual documentary about her made by Stephen Ihli and Bart Hawkins:

Silicon Valley engineer Jeremy Johnson was forced to start a new life after becoming EMF sensitive.  As a young tech enthusiast, he says he never would have believed that wireless transmissions have health effects.  But it can happen to anyone at any time: it just has to do with "turning the exposure corner."  We are like the proverbial camel with the load of straw on its back -- one more and that's it.  Now that we have a TEDx talk on this very subject, let's hope the rest of Silicon Valley (all those brainiacs who make this stuff) begins to get it!