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175 years later ... played by South Korean Seong-Jin Cho:

Great reasoning, clear thinking and a perfectly reasonable presentation on the reality of a global conspiracy from a giant in the field.  Please read his new book: Phantom Self (also on Amazon)

Found in the Pasadena Star News, published January 22, 29 and February 5, 2016.  Plainly announces "a weather modification project to increase precipitation" by use of silver iodide dispersed into storm clouds.  Silver iodide is an old technology, folks, so yes ... they do tell us about these things decades later or pretend to be using old technologies decades later. 

Los Angeles Dept of Public Works weather project

This video needs little explanation, other than Why?  The shooting of Finicum has been officially exonerated: "A prosecutor ruled the fatal shooting was legally justified, saying state law allows use of deadly force when officers believe a person is about to seriously injure or kill someone."  Could it be that this [deadly] incident will create a "reason" for the funding of more militarization nationwide -- to be used against the people, and funded by more federal militarization grants?  The Lavoy Finicum tragedy, a national news story, absolved by "authorities," used as "proof" and "evidence" by government agencies and police to qualify and upgrade for greater control of an increasingly "terroristic" public. 

Watching this documentary, one gets "another side" to the refugee migration into Sweden, namely what Iraqis and Syrians are going through in their own countries, thanks to American-engineered war and conflict.  Neighboring Arab countries do not want to take Arab refugees fleeing war, in spite of the much greater cultural similarity than the migrants are finding in northern Europe.  Naturally, this is causing resentment and division between different kinds of Arabs ... talk about divide and conquer!

Here's an interview with Sage of Quay about how important iodine is for so many glands and tissues in your body.  This interview "keeps chugging along," as the Sage says; meaning it sustains interest, so I am posting it here.  Men and women alike (children too) have iodine needs, particularly in today's environment, riddled as it is with chlorine, bromine and fluorides -- all this explained in the interview.  For a trial bottle of iodine, click here.  To see the full Iodine Powerpoint discussed in this show, click here.