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We have been spoiled by decades of stupendous professionally recorded music, done in studios with extremely expensive equipment and lots of technical perfection.  What has happened is that one is that few of us ever sing spontaneously now, breaking into song just because we feel like it, out of pure joy or light-heartedness or memory or inspiration.  If we do, we will immediately hear comments like "Don't quit your day job!" from our friends.  So join me in listening to this Roberta Flack classic, sung at home (albeit with a little equipment) and uploaded to YouTube:

College students today are becoming increasingly namby-pamby and "tolerant"!  Listen to these young men and women from University of Washington respond to an interviewer from the Family Policy Institute of Washington.  Anything goes, no one is deluded, "good for you!"

Jennifer Daniels, MD now lives in Panama, having been stripped of her medical license because she offered her patients alternatives to allopathic protocols.  In this interview on Sanitas Radio, she explains the concept of "lethal dose" re: prescription drugs, "death rate" re: physician practice, and lots more you never thought of, knew or heard.  This woman has a most unusual mind, and a very practical one!  Enjoy this ride, for it will forever change the way you see what we call "medicine":

Physician assisted suicideYou could call it part of the transhuman experiment.  Doctors are increasingly suggesting euthanasia for terminal patients whose quality of life is deteriorating, and family members are pressed into convincing their loved one that this is the way to go.  Organ donation is the next helpful suggestion made by the medical professionals, and it so happens that getting those organs out while the body is still alive is the preferred choice, as there are limits to organ viability once the body dies.  Some alternative researchers maintain that this is already the case, but this article warns that live organ harvesting may become fashionable the more euthanasia is practiced.  Mike Adams of Natural News writes: "As euthanasia becomes legal and accepted shamelessly, doctors are starting to push the boundaries, pressuring patients into ending their own lives.  In Belgium, euthanasia is now requested by patients who are depressed or lonely ... Doctors are either openly permitting or pressuring patients into giving up their life so the medical system can utilize whatever organs they want -- liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, pancreas, and so on.  It's like the patients are being moved along a conveyor belt as their dead body is picked through, giving others select access to their organs."

Kevin Richardson of South Africa is an animal behaviorist who has developed amazing skills with Africa's apex predators -- lions.  Known as the "Lion Whisperer," watch him lean back and relax against a couple of these animals, all of them happy as clams.  Is this an example of "infinite love" or is it simply a brave and trusting man?  Begun as a habitat for lions used in the film "The White Lion," the park now hosting Richardson's lion prides is looking for ways to sustain itself, as costs run between $15-20K per month.  Animal conservation is one of Richardson's passions, as so many wild species are fast becoming extinct.  In our world of metabiology and GMOs, will science someday provide us with engineered look-alike animal substitutes to remind us of the lost world of real animals?

For "Infinite Trust," try this one:

Having recently interviewed David Icke, who concluded the show with "I am Infinite Awareness having an experience called David Icke," which he extended to each one of us as well (meaning we are each Infinite Awareness having an experience called [your-name]), I began to think about our lives in that way.  Hmmm.  Then I found this Deepak Chopra clip, in which he explains that the world of matter is not solid at all, and we are each part of Infinite Consciousness, and the Observer Effect shows that our intention can cause material results ... His fellow debaters did not appear to like this.  Woo-woo, one called it.  Not everything in the universe is connected!  Hmmm.  Whom do you understand better?  Full debate is here.

Mark Gungor is a pastor and marriage seminar-ist.  He's also very funny and very on point!  Here's a quick intro; the full YouTube about our two/too-different brains is here.