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A very detailed and interesting discussion with a former chief investigator of pedophilia and sex crimes in New York.  Hear him say, among many other things, that the common notion of prostitution and pedophilia is way off track, and that the Watergate DNC break-in was to find The Book -- a list of pedo customers and their preferred activities ...




Harvard law professor Lawrence Lessig urging that Clinton should be chosen over Trump by the electoral college (pledges to be turned in on December 19th).  Electors are constitutionally allowed to change their pledge on personal initiative alone in 21 states; in the other 29 it is a misdemeanor and/or generates a $1000 fine.  A good piece by Dave Hodges here.




Bigger than mainstream media these days, mourns the mainstream media.  Some believe Pizzagate and Comet Ping Pong's secret business is a deliberate trap to bring censorship to the Internet.



Below are screen caps of the home pages of Comet Ping Pong and Buck's Fishing and Game websites (both restaurants owned by James Alefantis).  On both one sees erection-style motifs across an adult male crotch: a flaming candle set in donuts, and the Comet logo, which is a balloon-size droplet bearing the word COME T (the T a different color from the rest).  Click images to enlarge, if you must, no pun intended.


Buck's Fishing and Camping web page


Comet Ping Pong webpage




What is being called "Pizzagate" has deep roots and feeds on the separation of families by the state with federally paid incentives. This in turn feeds the farming of defenseless children into the sex trafficking world.  Great piece here by Dave Hodges; see the video below for the "sex before eight" reference discussed by Obama and chef Anthony Bourdain.  READ THE ARTICLE FIRST.




Nancy Schaefer was a state senator from Georgia who was investigating America's pedophile network, only to be found dead three years ago ...




Perhaps this is why Donald Trump does not fully embrace vaccines, although his is a limited-style opposition (see here):






From the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet.  An unusual version, not preferred by traditionalists:



Here's a more traditional version.