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How aware are you of chemtrails?

We keep hearing how Fukushima radiation has destroyed the Pacific Ocean, and its effects are being seen on the West Coast.  Yet few people are aware of the U.S. Navy's Warfare Training Range Complexes directly off the American coastline (East coast and Gulf coasts too).  These complexes conduct "exercises" that include chemical warfare and radiation experiments; the Navy has already warned us of harm to marine life as a consequence.  The "study ranges" surrounding the complexes spawn thousands of miles.  Watch this video and click here for more:

Thanks to for this accelerated look at what happens to the sky all over the country just about every day.  Best question the video asks: What specifically are you going to do about this?  (P.S. Toward the end, that's the music going backwards too.)

Who would have thought that Hawaii is a pesticide paradise?  With more open-air GMO experiments than any other state, using nearly 100 different chemical cocktails sprayed up to 16 times a day, Hawaiians are now getting sick in droves.  Ocean life is being impacted too.  Why Hawaii, you might ask?  Islands make great testing grounds because of their geography -- surrounded by water, cut off from other communities, less influx and outflux of species.  Science loves to study islands, with a special term for this: island biology.  Watch this video, which tells us that multinational chemical companies are actually suing the Hawaiian counties who are now trying to protect themselves.  And who loves GMO experiments?  Bill Gates ... read more here.

The definition of pederast (Merriam Webster) is a man who desires or engages in sexual activity with a boy; from the Greek paiderastes, literally, lover of boy, from paid / erastes, from erasthai, to love.  This interview from Houston, Texas in 1981 describes a marketplace that many are blissfully unaware of, involving executives at the highest level of our society who indulge in practices exploiting children, potentially hundreds and thousands of children each year, considering how big the world is.  (Note: This is not typical homosexuality; watch the video to learn more.)

This video is an old one (Mark Dice, 2007), but the teens we see today are basically the same.  What is amazing is how hard they laugh at their own ignorance.

These are not teens, but they do like Hershey bars!

Food handling with latexThe trend against handling food with latex gloves has started around the world (e.g., Japan), although not in the United States, where food preparation with plastic gloves has been on the rise.  Plasticizers are causing too many problems, especially when the chemicals (called phthalates) migrate into foods that we consume.  Hot foods get more migration than cold ones.  Regularly eating fast food or even foods that are served in take-out containers, often eaten with plastic forks and spoons, is likely to impact your body in myriad ways, including early or delayed puberty, allergies and respiratory problems, impaired sexual differentiation in utero, hormonal disruptions and metabolic disease, reproductive system toxicity ... If all this sounds like mumbo-jumbo to you, get a dictionary and start preparing your own food at home!

Read full article from Dr. Mercola here.

Man in towelThanks to the ambiguity of transgender laws, men who simply declare that they "identify as women" can use women's locker rooms at public pools. In Seattle (read article here) a man disrobed in a changing room in front of a girls swim team, saying transgender policies allowed him to do so.  "Officials say he had made no attempt to present himself as a woman, nor to identify as transgender when he checked in.  By all appearances, he was a man.  But appearances do not matter when it comes to 'gender identity.'  LGBT theorists hold that biological sex is distinct from gender, which is determined solely by the person's mental self-identification.  [Seattle Parks spokesman David Takami] affirmed, 'We have guidelines that allow transgender individuals to use restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity.'"

Now we're in for it!  Exhibitionism used to be actionable by police, but TG laws create a loophole for those who may just be peeping Toms.  Another disturbing article here, about a 45-year-old man who calls himself TG and insists on lounging naked amongst teenage girls on the swim team as they use the locker room.  The YouTube video below explains it very clearly: