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We know that fluoride is toxic and NOT good for teeth.  Christopher Bryson's book, The Fluoride Deception, is one of the best sources of information on the story of fluoride in America, but this bit of info was not in it.  Dr. David Kennedy (retired dentist living in California) is one of America's most active anti-fluoride crusaders; from one of his recent articles we learn: "Dental fluorosis (DF) is a condition in which the teeth become discolored, displaying a white or brown mottling pattern and forming brittle teeth that break and stain easily.  DF is also defined as the first outwardly visible sign of fluoride overdose in children.  Adults don't suffer from DF because it is caused by the systemic inhibition of a critical enzyme MMP-20 while the teeth are forming.  MMP-20 is a far-reaching enzyme that does much more than make enamel.  It is reasonable to assume that other organs that depend on MMP-20 for fetal development and growth will be affected, but we just can't see the injury as easily as we can see mottled teeth."

Dental fluorosis

In other words, DF manifests in children whose teeth are still developing; after this stage of life, fluoridation of water/toothpaste and other fluoride intake is most likely not going to have an effect on tooth enamel, which is not to say that it doesn't affect our bones and neurology!  The dangers of fluoride exposure are well documented (read Bryson's book for horrifying Manhattan Project worker injury stories) and download my own flyer here ... it's a trifold, so begin reading at top right and go to page 2, etc.).

Read full post by Dr. Kennedy here.

Farming Indian styleDespair and ruin are causing farmers in India to commit suicide by the thousands.  Much of the world's population has lived on subsistence farming for hundreds of years, until the advent of Big Agriculture and its huge multinational corporations, armed with contracts and licensed seeds.  The poor of the world have been taken in by clever sales pitches and the notion of modernization.  Says famous Indian activist Dr. Vandana Shiva, "With false promises of increased yields and lower costs, corporations like Monsanto have swooped in and locked Indian farmers into contractual agreements that make them dependent on a centralized agriculture system that, in many cases, ends up bankrupting them."  GMO crops, she adds, are a Trojan Horse that multinationals are using to take control of the world's food supply.  Read more here.

Eric Dubay has gone to impressive lengths to dinosaur-bust.  All those skeleton assemblies we see in the "Natural History" museums are made of plaster and resin and whatnot; these are artists renderings of a science fiction.  Children have enjoyed their dinosaur games and toys; adults have marveled at prehistoric times when monsters trod and flew over the earth, but -- sob, sob -- none of it is true or real.  Dang it!

British Royals Heads Together campaign

PIPs (People in Power) are pushing for mental health initiatives.  Donald Trump is on the bandwagon (see here, here and here), as are the British royals, William, Kate and Prince Harry.  "This isn't a gun problem, this is a mental problem," Trump explained to journalists.  The U.K. royals have their own cute tagline: "The Heads Together Campaign."  Everyone wants everyone to be of sound mind so that no one behaves dangerously or tragically, but how do you get us all there, and what is the "correct" kind of mind to have?  Debate is roaring already around whether the "sane' or the "insane" are more dangerous to society ... it's thesis/antithesis in the making.  What will be the synthesis?

Read this article about SETRA, a new bill/Act for psychological testing and profiling of schoolchildren.  Billions of dollars, also includes "social and emotional learning," which the government dearly wants a hand in!  Fuhgeddaboud parents ...

Sheeple will think this is cool.  Your cell phone is part of a control center.  Wow, really?  That's wild, cool!  Here's the trailer for the film (from the novel by Stephen King, screenplay co-written by King), and below it is a commentary:

Our congressional representatives are told, by their parties, that they must spend 30 hours a week in call centers (they cannot call from their offices) to raise money.  As elections approach, they must raise $18K a day.  They are given lists of people to call, with bios of the people, so they can say hello and ask for money.  It's that basic, commercial -- and insincere.  Corporate, commercial government must have a sales staff.  You vote for them.  Watch:

Henry KissingerThe classified memo NSSM200, issued in 1974 by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, was declassified in 1989 (see it here).  "The study would then offer possible courses of action for the United States in dealing with population matters abroad..." it says.  1974 was also the year when intelligence officers posing as nurses conducted vaccine drives in Mexico, delivering injections to women and children that had sterilization effects.  Writes TruthStreamMedia: "Concentration on this 'problem' of how to reduce the population was planned for 13 countries, including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia."

The ingredients in vaccines are unknown to even the educated public, let along the poor of the world.  Writes NaturalNews: "Vaccines are by far the best way to cull the human population because most people can be tricked into lining up and asking for them." Disruption of neurology and Th2 immunity is a proven result of vaccine administration, yet officials continue to insist that vaccines are "safe and effective."  Forty years later, huge vaccine programs backed by billionaires like Bill and Melinda Gates are in force in the Third World, with "viral epidemics" reported and panic ensuing.  The CDC actually certifies nurses as "Epidemic Intelligence Service Officers" with a special two-year program (see here); these nurse-officers are then sent abroad to serve on the front lines of "epidemics."

Read full article here.