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Butt gone wrongButt liftButt lifts are the new rage, especially among minorities, as a way to improve self-esteem and body image and make lots more money if you happen to be a dancer.  The Kardashians have had the "Brazilian butt lift," involving the transfer of belly fat to the butt, which flattens an unsightly stomach and adds mass from one's own tissues to what might be a big but misshapen butt. (but butt! ... see pictures here)  However, many cannot afford the Dash clan's plastic surgeons and resort to cheap black-market injections (e.g., mineral oil, cement) performed by shady operators, which sadly go very wrong in due time, leaking and eating away at the tissues, sometimes causing death.

Watch the short documentary here (scroll down) to learn more.  Unfortunately, in the case of dancers, butt enhancement is so lucrative that many do not heed or care about the scary future possibilities.  And customers (usually men) propel the enhancement market, so everyone who participates is guilty.  A shame that natural form is so hellishly transformed by bad diet, sending plump women running for augmentation.  Transgenders do this too, by the way (men becoming women).

We sit too much and complain that we can't exercise because we can't get to the gym.  Here's something you can do at home; break up your time at the computer by getting on the floor and doing these Plank Variations!  No excuses -- easy peasy even for beginners (start with the first two if that's all you can do), and add in the others.  Stand straighter, build up your back, feel better about being sedentary if that's how you have to make a living!  Watch and memorize:

In case we have not understood, adult men are now allowed in children's/girls' locker rooms if they claim they are children themselves.  No matter what they look like physically.  It's all in the mind of the individual, and one must be taken at one's own word.  Explained very bluntly in the video below, and also see this earlier post:

A timely refresher course:

Dr. Anne KennedySex, sexuality and cross-dressing, including breast-binding and concealment of male genitals.  Called "The Start Early Initiative," authorities in Victoria, Australia believe children will become more self-actualized and better contributors to society if they are made aware of gender-blurring as tiny tots.  Although foot-binding (a Far Eastern practice thought to enhance femininity) became reviled by Westerners, breast binding is now being taught in Western countries.

Speaking for the Initiative is Dr. Anne Kennedy of Community Child Care; the CCC website states: We advocate for communities working together towards a better future which supports the potential of every child; and We recognize that families have the right and capacity to make shared decisions with educators in relation to their children; and CCC is at the forefront of social advocacy enabling and strengthening the development and retention of community owned education and care services in Victoria.  Wonder what the community thinks of all this?  Read more here; contact Dr. Kennedy here.

Well, this was stuff I certainly didn't know, having only seen the pain-management side of chiropractic and the many practitioners who do it this way.  Here's Dr. Billy DeMoss of Newport Beach, California giving a much more comprehensive explanation of what chiropractors are trained to do -- fascinating and all about full functionality of all body systems!  Standard medicine is crisis management, Dr. DeMoss tells us; it has little to do with prevention and optimization.  Watch below and read more here.  To see Dr. DeMoss in Newport Beach, click here.

Pete Hendrickson is Doreen Hendrickson's husband and author of Cracking the Code: The Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America.  And there IS a most fascinating truth about taxation -- not that it's unconstitutional, but that it just doesn't apply to most of us.  In this interview with Jim Fetzer, Pete explains what many Americans are learning, and what the government doesn't want a lot of us to know ... hence their persecution of the Hendricksons to the point of forcing false testimony under court order from Doreen.  The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio just declared that it is not required to consider the constitutionality of a court order, referring to the instruction mandated upon Doreen Hendrickson by the federal court that put her on trial.

If courts no longer have to worry about the unlawfulness of what they compel us to do, no matter what kind of case is being tried, we are toast.  Witnesses can be forced to sign false testimony, against their wishes, by the precedent being set right now.  Shake your heads, America!  Listen to what Pete explains below and read more here: