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Cell phones and brain cancerWell, well -- they're finally talking about it.  With lots of debating, but they're on to the "possible dangers."  NBC News, Mother Jones, the chatter is starting.  The May 2016 study is titled Report of Partial Findings from the National Toxicology Program Carcinogenesis Studies of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation in Hsd: Sprague Dawley SD rats (Whole Body Exposures), a mouthful, but in simpler headlines: "Game-Changing Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Cancer" from Mother Jones magazine, which adds: "An incidence of brain and heart tumors was seen in rats" exposed to RF (radiation frequencies) from older 2G phones.  Remember that today's phones (G = "generation") are faster and more powerful, with frequencies in ever-higher ranges.

Read full study here.

A technology that translates in real time for anyone anywhere ... Called "The Pilot," the concept was developed by Andrew Ochoa of NYC, now an Indiegogo fundraising project shooting for consumer availability in a year's time.  It all works by wireless transmission, from the app in your phone to the earpiece in your ear.  This is how tempting the future is getting: Do you sacrifice your health (being microwaved) to be able to wend your way anywhere in the world, or form instant friendships with full communication?  What will happen to formally studying languages ...?  When will such technology be available for implanting in the human brain?

See campaign here, more on The Pilot here.

The materials being manufactured within the bodies of people who have overt Morgellons syndrome are getting more complex.  Below is a photo of a woven mesh of synthetic fibers very recently "released" from a deep lesion on a particular individual with a very advanced condition.  It is one of several lesions that have never closed and have emitted many complex forms, including some that resemble twigs, tree bark and living insects.  Is human biology being harnessed for synthetic pseudo-life production?  See this video for more (see video in post below for a quick overview of Morgellons):

Click photos to enlarge:

Morgellons mesh

Morgellons mesh

Now see this link for a discussion of polymeric and composite materials for diverse industrial applications.  Note the photo showing a woven polymer mesh similar to what is shown above.  Here is that photo (with color adjustment for better comparison):

Actual industrial polymer mesh:

Industrial polymer mesh

Gwen Scott died in March 2015 from Morgellons complications.  Dr. Scott, a former TV news anchor and later a naturopath who studied widely and extensively, was one of the early professionals to recognize and treat Morgellons syndrome, which she herself had.  See her website for full bio and her 3-DVD set entitled Natural Medicine: A Survivor's Guide.  She appears below in a video discussion with Clifford Carnicom of The Carnicom Institute:

GraduationAn interesting interview and exchange between two "awake" professors -- Darrell Hamamoto of U.C. Davis and James Tracy, formerly of Florida Atlantic University. Students are being groomed even outside the classroom by the New World Order!

Listen to the interview here.

Dating back a decade or so, Senate Bill S. 517 did NOT pass, but here's a news report that discusses it ... The interview also features the wonderful Rosalind Peterson who founded California Skywatch -- go Rosalind!

More Rosalind Peterson:

"A vaccine is like a snake bite" -- absolutely!  Neurotoxins entering the bloodstream by way of a fang (hypodermic needle) ... He also explains Shaken Baby Syndrome, which is actually vaccine damage but which is usually blamed on parents, particularly fathers.  (See the Gary Null film "Vaccine Nation" for much more on this story.)  Many thanks to this brave man, Chris Savage, who served the Queensland Police from 1990 to 2012.