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Veronica Ciandre was a lot like everyone else in the modern world of communication and connection until "better signal" gizmos were placed on her apartment building.  Within a few weeks her life and body changed.  Listen to her story or read it here: 

To find out how many cell towers and antennas are near you, visit  (Towers are the big ones, standing tall and alone; antennas are placed on other structures.)

A "water spout" is a tornado that forms over a body of water (see NOAA page here). Now geoengineers have given us a new shape of this cloud formation, also called a funnel cloud.  Funnel clouds are attached to large cumulonimbus masses in the sky -- a pairing of forms that is the excuse for the supposedly natural fluke you see in the video below.  I'm predicting we'll be seeing many more of these in the sky, and they will be given a name of their own, for schoolchildren to identify in the hypersexualization of the world.  Watch video:

Genetically altered mosquitoGene drive technology is the term for wiping out an entire species by genetically altering a few individuals.  Gene drive is becoming part of public health, as certain animals are thought to be disease vectors.  From The New York Times (6/1/16): Scientists dream of deploying gene drive, for example, to wipe out malaria-carrying mosquitoes that cause the deaths of 300,000 African children each year, or invasive rodents that damage island ecosystems.  But some experts have warned that the technique could lead to unforeseen harm to the environment.  Some scientists have called on the federal government to regulate it, and some environmental watchdogs have called for a moratorium.  

So far human attempts to modify species in the wild have failed because the changes also diminish the organism's survival and reproduction, and natural selection (thankfully) eliminates the altered genes.  However, a new gene tool called Crispr -- an encoding mechanism that embeds in DNA -- has given science an override.  Crispr "drives" the new genes into all the organism's offspring, rather than some (who would have lower chances of survival and thus be naturally un-selected).  Bill and Melinda Gates, in their thirst to "help" the world, have funded a $40-million gene drive project in Africa.

This is perfect Hegelian dialectic:  Risks include the possibility that a gene drive might jump to another species for which it was not intended, or that the suppression of one undesirable organism will lead to the emergence of another that is even worse.  Imagine the new opportunities to tinker with biology once the dominoes start to fall!  Read more here and here.

This is a 7+ hour series of presentations by significant health experts on April 23, 2016 in Atlanta, GA (I haven't watched it all) ... I am featuring the entire video here, which includes Dr. Nancy Banks doing a talk entitled "Do Viruses Exist?"  IMPORTANT!  We are being taught to believe that disease is caused by viruses, but is it?  Listen (start at approximately 4:40 for Dr. Banks, or click here for just her excerpt):

Apple's Cupertino headquartersApple is a leader in the world of computers and Smart devices.  Apple iPads are being used by schoolchildren in classrooms equipped with WiFi (2.4 Ghz).  Education delivered wirelessly will reach the most remote regions of the world and make everybody Smart, say the globalists.  However, wireless transmissions will have another sinister effect -- the sterility of future generations, warns Joe Imbriano of  From a study done on hardy rats, findings were that viable ovarian follicles (eggs) diminished by approximately one half after 15 minutes x 15 days of 900 Mhz (old cell-phone-level) irradiation.  WiFi and newer phones are much faster.

Children using iPads

What happens in the human body after an egg is fertilized?  Its outer layers harden (called "zona response") to prevent additional sperm from penetrating.  The FullertonInformer webmaster informs us that human follicles (eggs) may indeed harden in response to persistent RF microwaves, which are felt as "penetrations."  Little girls are born with their eggs, to be released one at a time by the ovaries upon sexual maturity.  Eggs that undergo zona response from radio frequencies pulsed against the belly (think iPad) might respond someday to fertilization in a lab with a needle ...

Now let's take a look at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA, pictured above, with layout below:

Apple HQ map
Apple's Cupertino headquarters layout
(click here to enlarge)

Human egg and sperm

Diagram of human conception as the egg is penetrated

and the outer membranes fuse to solidify

(click here to enlarge)

A new development from Steve Perlman, formerly of Apple, Microsoft and Hollywood:  Artemis is the new technology for cellular transmission.  Devices placed on buildings will replace cell towers, sending RF microwaves in search of receivers (e.g. our Smart phones and watches).  Artemis was the Greek goddess of chastity (no sex), virginity, and of the hunt.  The Artemis logo is below, next to a diagram of the female reproductive organs.  The Artemis network will hunt us and invert our reproduction... turn it upside down?  What is Apple saying?

Artemis transmitter
Artemis logo
Female reproductive system

Artemis logo is female organs
turned upside down

Something about the fans in this 1963 special concert by the Beatles at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool ... is that genuine excitement and are those genuine screams?  I may be the only one that doesn't think so.  This program was broadcast on British TV ("It's the Beatles!"), most likely to produce the Beatlemania that followed the group and persists to this day.  Artificial culture-making is a topic some reseachers are delving into (see website and Dave McGowan's work), and although the Beatles did have their charm, this video looks like culture-making in the making to me!  (A brief synopsis of Beatle-making here.)

An Open Secret: 2014 film about Hollywood's child stars and the talent managers that work them into an underworld of exploitation.  A profound documentary that also points right at our intoxication with "celebrity," such that children themselves want to be stars, and ignorant parents are all too willing to relinquish them to a fast-lane world in which predation is part of the industry.  "It's the worst-kept secret ... everybody knows it's done, and it's been going on for years."

An Open Secret was taken off YouTube around June 1, 2016.  Here is an alternate link to view it.