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How aware are you of chemtrails?

The United States Navy will continue to perform war games (warfare "testing") in the world's oceans, now announcing 20,000 fresh tons of explosives, heavy metals and chemicals to be released.  "None of [this] belongs in the ocean's food web, upon which we all depend," says an endangered species biologist. "Nor will the Navy be willing to clean it up, or even contribute to medical tests for people whose health may suffer."


US Navy war games


It's not just people in the coastal areas where much of the games are conducted; it's marine life.  Many species are washing up dead or badly injured on beaches throughout the world, with Fukushima fallout being blamed.  The U.S. Navy experimental warfare training range complexes have existed for "homeland security" reasons for over a decade, with open declaration by the Navy that millions of marine animals will be "taken" (killed or injured) as a consequence.

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