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I did a show with Richie Allen on September 15th, 2016 about Morgellons and transhumanism.  The YouTube is below; pictures that Richie was looking at can be found below that:



 Pictures to accompany September 15, 2016 Morgellons interview/podcast:


Typical Morgellons lesions

               Typical Morgellons lesions

Lesion on back of head

                 Lesion on back of head

 Large Morgellons lesion

                 Large 12-inch lesion

      Lesion with tube

  Large lesion splitting skin, producing tubes within

 Tube from lesion

            Fleshy tube pulled from large lesion

Fibers, crystal, sac from lesion 

 Fiber ball, blue crystal and sac-tissue from lesion

 Taken from a lesion

        Amorphous form with limbs from lesion

 Insect-like from lesion 

             Ant-like insect taken from lesion

 Green bug from lesion

    Green grasshopper-like bug taken from lesion

 Leaf-like from lesion 

        Leaf-like specimen taken from lesion

 Carbon nanosphere

   Carbon nano-ball (1/4-inch actual) from lesion

 Metallic grooved cylinder

  Shiny grooved metallic cylinder taken from lesion

     Hexagon from lesion

    Layered hexagon assembly taken from lesion

 Rolled eel-like from lesion

    Eel-like textured polymer roll taken from lesion

Mesh from eel-like roll    Mesh developing in eel-like roll (above right)

 Industrial polymer nano-mesh

       Compare to modern industrial nano-mesh