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Adam Lanza, Sandy Hook killerBy 422-2 (on July 7th)!  Wide margin is an understatement.  Thanks to Adam Lanza, "The Families in Mental Health Crisis Act aims to improve access to treatment before the mentally ill wind up in crisis," writes the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Senator Tim Murphy (R) of Pennsylvania was the main force behind the bill (H.R. 2646): "The legislation is Mr. Murphy's answer to the problem of gun violence caused by mentally ill people in crisis.  It still must pas the Senate, which has its own version.  Differences would have to be worked out in a conference committee."

Overall, we are on the march to increased mental health services (and licensed "experts"), much more testing and evaluation of children and adults for "tendencies" and signs of "mental illness," very strict control of firearms/gun permits -- all in the name of government "protection."  Read more here and here; see more about the debate in the previous post.