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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Dr. Olle JohanssonOne of the most dedicated scientists we have in the EMF field (electromagnetic and radio frequencies) is being forced into early retirement by Karolinska Institute of Sweden, where he is a neuroscientist studying the effects of EMFs on human tissues. Writes the website  Unable to counter his expert findings, it appears promoters of wireless technology [are] applying pressure to the Karolinska Institute ... by attempting to have him dismissed from his post entirely, they hope to prevent further release of truthful and unbiased information to the public.  

Professor Johansson himself writes in this article:  "Based on all the science that is flooding my desk, I say that this sudden exposure to new, manmade electromagnetic fields seems to cause a disturbance of the immune system to result in molecular and cellular damage and tissue repair reduction that [leads] to disease and impairment.  To suddenly feed a stable biological system like Planet Earth with astronomical amounts of energy (as compared to the natural background in which life on this planet evolved) will propel cell growth like cancer, damage the genome and jeopardize immune defense."

In another article, he tells us that when a cell phone was placed beneath ant eggs in a laboratory experiment, the ants "immediately moved [the eggs] diagonally as far away as possible -- and the ants established their toilet area where the cell phone was placed.  The adult ants displayed obvious behavioral disorders, with more disruption in their daily activities and increased scanning of their local environment.  It was clear that something concerned them." 

Professor Johansson has already had his funding cut by Karolinska and a rumor is that much of his research had to be destroyed.  Still, he has pressed on, giving talks and interviews all over the world, writing articles, conducting and publishing studies.  See Dr. Johansson in this YouTube video from 2008 (and imagine how much more he has given us since then!):

And for those who need a refresher on The Electromagnetic Spectrum, here it is, straight from NASA: