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Porter Ranch, Los AngelesYou could call it L.A.'s Fukushima.
 People living in the vicinity of Porter Ranch in the San Fernando Valley have been suffering from extreme reactions to a massive gas and uranium leak that began in October 2015.

A New York newsroom (95.1 FM) writes: In October 2015 a gas well began leaking in the Aliso Canyon gas storage field in the Porter Ranch area of Los Angeles.  Now it has been revealed that naturally occurring radiation from ground uranium has also been spewing out of that leaking well, and so much has come out that the situation constitutes a massive radiation emergency. 

Porter Ranch resident with skin issuesThe amounts of radioactive materials being leaked are extremely high.  Many Porter Ranch residents evacuated their homes for months, but the danger continues.  Swimming pool water has somehow become very contaminated, producing skin and systemic toxicity issues in those who have used them (see photo).  95.1 FM further reported (February 2016):  The trouble is that the volume of gas is coming out so forcefully [that] it has been described as being "like a volcano," and all efforts to shut the leak down have thus far failed.  Sadly, those efforts have only served to "destabilize the well," causing other leaks to begin in other areas of the gas field.  Late last week, officials described the leak as "totally out of control."

SoCal Gas is owned by Sempra Energy.  California Governor Brown (whose sister sits on the Sempra Board) declared a state of emergency when the leak happened, and courts have ordered the gas company to pay for lodging for evacuated residents ($36 million so far), who continue to report nosebleeds, vomiting, skin rashes and body pain even to this day.  What will the long-term effects be?  SoCal Gas maintains most of what leaked was methane (harmless and non-irritating), but the leak(s) continue and the soil, water and air of not just Porter Ranch but nearby towns -- Chatsworth, Northridge, Granada Hills -- have also likely been affected.

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Porter Ranch gas leak infrared image

Infrared image of SoCal gas leak in Porter Ranch

Infrared video of Porter Ranch gas leak: