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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Heart SchwannomaThese are not little girls' names.  Schwannoma is cancer of the Schwann cells, or peripheral nervous system cells that produce myelin around nerve axons.  Glioma is a deadly cancer of the brain's glial cells, which are gluey tissues that keep neurons in place and functioning.  The National Toxicology Program (a government body!) spent $25 million on a study that found these two kinds of tumors resulting from cell-phone exposure, and the US government is expected to let us all know very soon.

Writes Discussions are currently underway among federal agencies on how to inform the public about the new findings.  NTP senior managers believe that these results should be released as soon as possible because just about everyone is exposed to wireless radiation all the time and therefore everyone is potentially at risk.  The new results contradict the conventional wisdom, advanced by doctors, biologists, physicists, epidemiologists, engineers, journalists and government officials, among other pundits, that such effects are impossible.

Read MicrowaveNews article here and the study itself here.  The photo is gross, but it's a Schwannoma, so study it and click here to enlarge ... and put that phone away!