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In a new book (June 2016) by bestselling author Jay Margolis, we learn that both John and Robert Kennedy were having affairs with Marilyn Monroe, who got an inside track on the Kennedys and wrote notes about this in her "little red book."  Marilyn repeatedly called the White House and the Department of Justice to speak to the brothers, and was displeased that neither of them would marry her.  Hollywood and Washington DC, as we know, are whirlwinds of sex and secrets, and tell-all threats by Marilyn apparently served to bring her life to an end by lethal injection performed by her psychiatrist Ralph Greenson (also a lover), based on orders from RFK.  The story, backed up by five witnesses to Monroe's murder, is told in this Daily Mail article, with accompanying pictures.  The book by Margolis is titled The Murder of Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe
Jay Margolis book 2016