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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Tree decline in AmericaAmerican cities are losing more trees than are being planted.  Three reasons are given for this by The Washington Post in a recent article (read here).  A study reveals that trees yield $5.82 of benefits for every $1 spent on maintenance, but we're losing them, and fast.  The Post blames (1) costs of tree replacement (it's cheaper to let them die), (2) urban growth lacking tree design and space, and (3) insects brought by international trade, such as the ravenous emerald-ash borer.  Trees are also pollution and particulate absorbers, so humans suffer more without tree canopies to shade and protect them.

However, the "particulates" in question are also the result of heavy aerosol spraying from the geoengineering program of recent years.  While "experts" ignore this reality, they do acknowledge that infestations of insects in trees are escalating like never before.  Is it "international trade" or is it what simply happens when life forms begin to die: as they weaken, they draw insects and fungi that begin to consume them.  It's all part of the trophic chain of life.