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Note: Updates have been added to this post; also see this post.  Was this too a staged (and federally funded) event?  Start with seasoned researcher Vivian Lee's commentary here and here.  Then watch these videos:

From Fellowship of the Minds, excellent analysis here.  Note the section in this post that reads:  No. 10 on that list of 20 CrisisCast clients is G4S, the security company that had employed Omar Mateen from September 2007 until his death, presumably by police, at Pulse nighclub in Orlando, FL, on the morning of June 12, 2016.  G4S Security Solutions USA claims to be the world’s leading security contractor with operations in more than 100 countries and very lucrative contracts with the U.S. federal government, including DHS. (See “Orlando terrorist-killer Omar Mateen worked for a security firm with DHS contract to identify suspected terrorists“)

What this points to is commercial entities engaged in contracts.  The U.S. government contracts with DHS for a mass-casualty Integrated Capstone Exercise in Orlando; DHS contracts with G4S (and others, meaning "resource teams"), G4S contracts with Omar Mateen (and others).