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The materials being manufactured within the bodies of people who have overt Morgellons syndrome are getting more complex.  Below is a photo of a woven mesh of synthetic fibers very recently "released" from a deep lesion on a particular individual with a very advanced condition.  It is one of several lesions that have never closed and have emitted many complex forms, including some that resemble twigs, tree bark and living insects.  Is human biology being harnessed for synthetic pseudo-life production?  See this video for more (see video in post below for a quick overview of Morgellons):

Click photos to enlarge:

Morgellons mesh

Morgellons mesh

Now see this link for a discussion of polymeric and composite materials for diverse industrial applications.  Note the photo showing a woven polymer mesh similar to what is shown above.  Here is that photo (with color adjustment for better comparison):

Actual industrial polymer mesh:

Industrial polymer mesh