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Butt gone wrongButt liftButt lifts are the new rage, especially among minorities, as a way to improve self-esteem and body image and make lots more money if you happen to be a dancer.  The Kardashians have had the "Brazilian butt lift," involving the transfer of belly fat to the butt, which flattens an unsightly stomach and adds mass from one's own tissues to what might be a big but misshapen butt. (but butt! ... see pictures here)  However, many cannot afford the Dash clan's plastic surgeons and resort to cheap black-market injections (e.g., mineral oil, cement) performed by shady operators, which sadly go very wrong in due time, leaking and eating away at the tissues, sometimes causing death.

Watch the short documentary here (scroll down) to learn more.  Unfortunately, in the case of dancers, butt enhancement is so lucrative that many do not heed or care about the scary future possibilities.  And customers (usually men) propel the enhancement market, so everyone who participates is guilty.  A shame that natural form is so hellishly transformed by bad diet, sending plump women running for augmentation.  Transgenders do this too, by the way (men becoming women).