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Dr. Anne KennedySex, sexuality and cross-dressing, including breast-binding and concealment of male genitals.  Called "The Start Early Initiative," authorities in Victoria, Australia believe children will become more self-actualized and better contributors to society if they are made aware of gender-blurring as tiny tots.  Although foot-binding (a Far Eastern practice thought to enhance femininity) became reviled by Westerners, breast binding is now being taught in Western countries.

Speaking for the Initiative is Dr. Anne Kennedy of Community Child Care; the CCC website states: We advocate for communities working together towards a better future which supports the potential of every child; and We recognize that families have the right and capacity to make shared decisions with educators in relation to their children; and CCC is at the forefront of social advocacy enabling and strengthening the development and retention of community owned education and care services in Victoria.  Wonder what the community thinks of all this?  Read more here; contact Dr. Kennedy here.