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Pete Hendrickson is Doreen Hendrickson's husband and author of Cracking the Code: The Fascinating Truth About Taxation in America.  And there IS a most fascinating truth about taxation -- not that it's unconstitutional, but that it just doesn't apply to most of us.  In this interview with Jim Fetzer, Pete explains what many Americans are learning, and what the government doesn't want a lot of us to know ... hence their persecution of the Hendricksons to the point of forcing false testimony under court order from Doreen.  The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, Ohio just declared that it is not required to consider the constitutionality of a court order, referring to the instruction mandated upon Doreen Hendrickson by the federal court that put her on trial.

If courts no longer have to worry about the unlawfulness of what they compel us to do, no matter what kind of case is being tried, we are toast.  Witnesses can be forced to sign false testimony, against their wishes, by the precedent being set right now.  Shake your heads, America!  Listen to what Pete explains below and read more here: