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We know that fluoride is toxic and NOT good for teeth.  Christopher Bryson's book, The Fluoride Deception, is one of the best sources of information on the story of fluoride in America, but this bit of info was not in it.  Dr. David Kennedy (retired dentist living in California) is one of America's most active anti-fluoride crusaders; from one of his recent articles we learn: "Dental fluorosis (DF) is a condition in which the teeth become discolored, displaying a white or brown mottling pattern and forming brittle teeth that break and stain easily.  DF is also defined as the first outwardly visible sign of fluoride overdose in children.  Adults don't suffer from DF because it is caused by the systemic inhibition of a critical enzyme MMP-20 while the teeth are forming.  MMP-20 is a far-reaching enzyme that does much more than make enamel.  It is reasonable to assume that other organs that depend on MMP-20 for fetal development and growth will be affected, but we just can't see the injury as easily as we can see mottled teeth."

Dental fluorosis

In other words, DF manifests in children whose teeth are still developing; after this stage of life, fluoridation of water/toothpaste and other fluoride intake is most likely not going to have an effect on tooth enamel, which is not to say that it doesn't affect our bones and neurology!  The dangers of fluoride exposure are well documented (read Bryson's book for horrifying Manhattan Project worker injury stories) and download my own flyer here ... it's a trifold, so begin reading at top right and go to page 2, etc.).

Read full post by Dr. Kennedy here.