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British Royals Heads Together campaign

PIPs (People in Power) are pushing for mental health initiatives.  Donald Trump is on the bandwagon (see here, here and here), as are the British royals, William, Kate and Prince Harry.  "This isn't a gun problem, this is a mental problem," Trump explained to journalists.  The U.K. royals have their own cute tagline: "The Heads Together Campaign."  Everyone wants everyone to be of sound mind so that no one behaves dangerously or tragically, but how do you get us all there, and what is the "correct" kind of mind to have?  Debate is roaring already around whether the "sane' or the "insane" are more dangerous to society ... it's thesis/antithesis in the making.  What will be the synthesis?

Read this article about SETRA, a new bill/Act for psychological testing and profiling of schoolchildren.  Billions of dollars, also includes "social and emotional learning," which the government dearly wants a hand in!  Fuhgeddaboud parents ...