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Physician assisted suicideYou could call it part of the transhuman experiment.  Doctors are increasingly suggesting euthanasia for terminal patients whose quality of life is deteriorating, and family members are pressed into convincing their loved one that this is the way to go.  Organ donation is the next helpful suggestion made by the medical professionals, and it so happens that getting those organs out while the body is still alive is the preferred choice, as there are limits to organ viability once the body dies.  Some alternative researchers maintain that this is already the case, but this article warns that live organ harvesting may become fashionable the more euthanasia is practiced.  Mike Adams of Natural News writes: "As euthanasia becomes legal and accepted shamelessly, doctors are starting to push the boundaries, pressuring patients into ending their own lives.  In Belgium, euthanasia is now requested by patients who are depressed or lonely ... Doctors are either openly permitting or pressuring patients into giving up their life so the medical system can utilize whatever organs they want -- liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, pancreas, and so on.  It's like the patients are being moved along a conveyor belt as their dead body is picked through, giving others select access to their organs."