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A comprehensive report from the UK Daily Mail on the [mostly] male refugee invasion of Sweden.  Quote: "Sweden's recent story of migration dates back to 1975 when the national parliament decided that the country should become multi-cultural.  At the time, the population stood at 8 million -- virtually all indigenous Swedes -- and they had a proud history of offering help to outsiders."  Today, Sweden has taken in 163,000 refugees from the war-torn Middle East and poverty-stricken Africa.  Culturally very different from "liberal and progressive" Swedes, the new population is causing chaos and calamity -- including crime, rape, murder.  The mix of populations is engineered, however, with federal/corporate "resettlement grants" provided to create housing, special education and even the building of mosques for the newcomers.  And the Swedish government is suppressing criticism of the huge, ever-worsening problem.  The Daily Mail's own headline:  "How Europe's most liberal nation gagged its own people on migration attacks: The Swedish conspiracy to hide the truth about the refugee influx."  This is the New World Order making the new hybridized world!  For more, listen to this interview on Red Ice Radio and watch the YouTube below: