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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Monster energy drinkThe energy-drink market is all about devilish graphics, and the contents are being consumed by impressionable children and teens, along with plenty of adult construction workers and those who are convinced that their bodies are receiving benefit from these misleading (and very possibly harmful) products.  After viewing the huge variety of brands and similarity of branding, you could call them satanic "energy drinks" or "satanic energy" drinks ... What we see and handle and take in (to our bodies) affects us in untold ways.  See full piece here from

Tiny monster chemtrails

Now what about this?  Do you see the three vertical wisps in the sky?  These were chemtrails visible in Oregon (see full picture here).  Turns out the single wisp is the Hebrew "v" or "w" called vav, also the symbol for the number 6.  So we have 666 in the sky, and on the popular drink known as Monster.  See the comparison picture here.