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I met Deni-Lynn at the gem fair in Del Mar, California in the early 1990s.  She was selling Shadow Cards at a table; they were a card deck with words and pictures that presented "food for thought" when you picked a combination.  She had me try, and I picked two "zingers" in a row: matching word and picture.  Know that all the cards were lying face down in two rows on the table and I simply picked one from each row -- two times.  Deni-Lynn's mouth was open.  She said she had never seen a matching word and image come up twice in a row for ANYONE.  So that connected me to her right away, because I knew something unusual had happened.  Deni-Lynn stayed with me after that when she did the gem fairs in San Diego, and I was to learn some very important things from her about living life.  She died from cancer in 2004, and here is a most unusual documentary about her made by Stephen Ihli and Bart Hawkins: