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We are in the Age of Machine Thinking.  Physicists and math geeks are relying on algorithms to predict our behaviors (even our thinking), so that corporations can conveniently address our every need and interest accordingly with their services and goods.  Algorithms (complex computer programs) already control Wall Street, making the majority of investment trades (that's our money!).  But their decisions (yes, computer decisions) are taking us over.  Listen to this story of how math has leapfrogged over our heads to govern us, without most people helpless to figure out what's going on.  Kevin Slavin states in the video below: "And it's not the money that's so interesting actually -- it's what the money motivates. We're actually terraforming the Earth itself with this kind of algorithmic efficiency."  We are seeing "prophecy for the seismic, terrestrial effects of the math that we're making ... [with] ... a third co-evolutionary force -- algorithms."  More here, if you're interested!