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I was very excited to read Dr. Mercola's review of the book by Travis Christofferson on the real nature of what we call cancer: it is the result of mitochondrial dysfunction.  The mitochondria are tiny organs within the cell that make the molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is like a nano battery from which the cell draws electrons to do its work.  "Life" is dependent on cellular energy.  Cancer cells, it appears, do not produce their energy aerobically (in the mitochondria), but instead make energy anaerobically in the cytoplasm, using glucose (a throwback from our pre-oxygen existence).  Cancer cells are glycolytic, and the origin of cancer is not genetic, as current science would like you to believe: it is an energy-deficiency issue because the mitochondria are failing.  Christofferson's work unearths the importance of a ketogenic (fat-based) diet rather than a carb-based one, as glucose is derived from carbohydrates.  Starve those tumors! is the idea.  Ketosis and intermittent "starvation" (metabolizing fat by dietary fasting or eating at long intervals), spurs the body to be much more metabolically responsible and creative, would be my way of putting it.  (Read full Mercola article, "The Metabolic Theory of Cancer and the Key to Cancer Prevention and Recovery.")

Listen to the interview with Travis Christofferson (between two professionals, so it's a bit hard to follow):