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We know that there have been many references to real catastrophes in movies, TV shows and other forms of media long before they happen.  Hands of a watch shown at 9:11, for instance.  People have found these and created videos and Internet posts about them for years.  Here's a very blatant "description" from the 2016 X Files premiere (video by SGT Report).  They're not being subtle, folks! 

So what is the significance of such a forecast coming from our entertainment screens?  Well, for one thing, we -- SITTING AND WATCHING -- are being put on notice.  We are even asking for, paying for, participating in this exchange as a willing, voluntary audience.  Additionally, it is said by the wisest among us (alternative thinkers), if we are warned and we do nothing, then we are making ourselves fair game.  This is a kind of cosmic/karmic principle the powers that be use to absolve themselves of guilt and responsibility for the horrors being imposed on innocent people all over the world.  Yes, we could be having wonderful lives with plentiful everything and mental peace and happiness, but the fact that we are warned and we sit and take it all in and don't attempt to save ourselves means we deserve what we get.  Apparently.