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Quoting the author, Lena Groeger:  In the last few years pharmaceutical companies have agreed to pay over $13 billion to resolve U.S. Department of Justice allegations of fraudulent marketing practices, including the promotion of medicines for uses that were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  Here are summaries of some recent large settlements.

A billion is "a thousand million."  One million times a thousand.  That's a lot of money.  That these companies can pay these amounts at all gives an indication of what kinds of profits they are making.

Pfizer Sept 2009 $2.3 billion

Merck Nov 2011 $950 million

GlaxoSmithKline July 2012 $3 billion

Sanofi-Aventis Dec 2012 $109 million

Johnson & Johnson Nov 2013 $2.2 billion

Eli Lilly Jan 2009 $1.42 billion

AstraZeneca April 2010 $520 million

Abbott May 2012 $1.5 billion

Boehringer Ingelheim Oct 2012 $95 million

Endo Feb 2014 $192.7 million