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Kit Walker musicianWow!  Here's a very unusual, very deeply probing article by a musician who is also up on the nature of corporate fiction, AND is a brilliant thinker as well.  A classically trained pianist and composer, see Kit Walker's website here, but do explore his blog as well.  His piece entitled "The Strawman is the Ego: The Parasite Cleanse Begins at Home," has insights into our entanglement with our corporate fiction that offer a whole new way to think about what we're doing.

Quote: If you are concerned about the encroaching corporatism that is enslaving humanity and destroying the planet, and you want to be effective in helping to stop this, then your Strawman is the place to start, because it is the corporation that you are supposed to think is you.  Yes, that's right, "you" are a corporation.  The parasite cleanse begins at home, by taking responsibility for your "corporate self."

Read full article here.  It's great!