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How aware are you of chemtrails?

Well, this is either one brave guy, or a wildly unrealistic perfectionist -- as he states he is in search of a particular "action photo" of his unfortunate captive.  Worth watching and marveling at ...

Here is Colter H. of California free-handling a Western diamondback.  Another unbelievable performance:

Here, Colter has been bitten, requiring 40 vials of anti-venom ... hospital video with his doleful comments.

One more rattlesnake entry:  A northern Californian woman, BJ (age 72!), pinned this big rattler (click photos to enlarge) with a shovel when she found it in front of her house, going after one of her cats.  Later, she skinned and gutted it, dried the skin, and cut up the flesh to keep in the freezer.  Rattlesnake is a delicacy, and apparently tastes like chicken.

BJ's rattlesnake

Drying rattlesnake skin