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Here's an extraordinary interview and person ... Dr. Jennifer Daniels, whose medical license was revoked because she was not hospitalizing patients, not prescribing pharmaceutical drugs, and offering two choices besides the things she was taught at University of Pennsylvania medical school: (1) do nothing, (2) try these natural remedies.  When extending these options along with conventional allopathic treatment, the death rate in her practice dropped to zero and her patients started getting better!  (She was finding that her patients were NOT getting better using the recommended medical protocols.)

Today Dr. Daniels lives in Panama, after being put on a do-not-employ list and a terrorist watch list by the United States.  Decide for yourself what you think of this brilliant woman and dedicated practitioner:

Nothing like good ideas!  Professor Matthew Liao (NYU) talks cheerfully about genetic selection to make ourselves smaller so we have a more petite carbon "footprint" (impact) on the planet!  Tall people wear out carpets faster, they release more CO2, the list of transgressions is endless ...

Lorraine Hurley MDOn Friday, October 2, 2015 we lost a great mind and wonderful woman -- Dr. Lorraine Hurley.  She was hit by a truck while riding her bicycle and did not survive.  Please see Boston Globe report here. Lorraine was a very brilliant and concerned human being; I first met her when she joined the Carnicom Institute after learning about the condition known as Morgellons.  Her insights into health and maintaining health were what ultimately caused her to leave conventional medicine and begin a new journey, which she talks about in the interview below, along with an enlightening discussion of the history (and philosophy) of medicine in this country!  Lorraine became a radio host with shows called "Uncommon Awareness" and "Having the Guts to Heal."  I saved her last newsletter for some reason; it came after a long interval, and I have posted it for you (click on Read More link below).  Many will miss her; she was way ahead of her time.

See Part 2 of the interview here

The documentary Globesity is very worth watching.  Horrifying to see people the world over consuming so much junk that their bodies are ballooning and their stomachs have to be stapled.  What this film reveals is the predation of multinational corporations (e.g. Coca Cola) who target the biology of the malnourished, to whom a calorie is a calorie no matter where it comes from.  People in the Third World grew up starving -- calorie deficient; knowing this, the multinationals have made high-calorie, low-nutrition products easily available and affordable in these parts of the world so the undernourished will embrace them as "food."  Sadly, satiety is what their bodies are after, not nourishment (which comes with experience and education in a world that offers both) ...

It can walk (a stealth walk, so cute!), run (even cuter), hop a tiny bit (aaahhh), pose, flex its arms suggestively, stomp up and down stairs, pretend to dance ... Ohmygodweluvit!!  With an adorable child-like voice, here to serve and entertain us (do the kids think there's a man in there?):