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Arisce Wanzer TG modelExotic is in; run-of-the-mill is out.  Transgender models are now the big thing in fashion, along with unisex clothes.  TG modeling agencies are popping up everywhere, with big-name clothing designers on board.  it's called "diversified casting." Thailand is a country from which a large  number of TG models originate, thanks to prescription-free estrogen and cheap cosmetic surgery.  As TGs arrive on the scene with prominence, gender "fluidity" will be showcased and normalized.  Looking the part is one thing, but biological gender blending will result in non-reproduction, which will thus become the job of laboratories and the state (read: "government").  Many believe it all began with women's lib and the steady shrinking and splitting of the nuclear family, with "modern" women coming to believe that childrearing was burdensome and boring.  Read more about the models here and here.

Modern winters: snow descending while temps are in the fifties, with chemically ice-nucleated snow ... "How can winter storms unfold with high temperatures in the ranges shown below?" asks Dane Wigington, also noting contrasting temperatures in areas very near each other. We've seen rain fall and turn to sheets of ice when it gets to the ground; this is because artificial nucleation materials are sprayed over warm rainstorms followed by engineered colder "fronts." The mainstream news loves to show you bewildered Americans sitting in traffic as volumes of engineered snow and rain brings daily life to a halt, and it's all in the name of Climate Change!  Read more and see plenty of pictures at

Carson City Nevada November 2015

It's called "civil forfeiture," and the cops now help themselves to more than the criminals.  Remember that what is "legal" is simply about Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) ... hundreds of thousands of codes that are written to "regulate" us.  However, many of these codes seem to benefit anyone but us!

Well, if this is indeed the case, then we have something to wonder about ... Alex Jones, who raised many on his daily InfoWars news diet and has also put out a stream of popular documentaries, appears to use the same tricks as the media tricksters who program us into sheeple.  Watch this:

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