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The MS Fladen is a restored lightship now moored in Stockholm.  Lightships were ships with very tall masts that served as lighthouses where land-based lighthouses could not easily be built.  Between 1831 and 1972, 37 lightships were stationed around the Swedish coastline; Lightship N10B was decommissioned in 1967, and today, renamed and re-done, it rests here.  See more at and for an amazing panorama, click here or on the image itself!

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

Well, the long-awaited debate was more of a "deflate" as Professor Fetzer failed to debate David Weiss's many Flat Earth points at all.  The arrangement of one person first, followed by the other, consisted of Weiss for the first 30 minutes during which he hammered his way through 80 slides at breakneck speed -- an array of astonishing information which will take the neophyte many weeks to wade through and fully understand -- or reject.  The show is already amassing views like honey does flies ... over 3000 in just two days so far.  Weiss became a Flat Earth proponent after he deleted emails and shunned those who were trying to bring this discovery to him, and is now deeply addicted to finding new facts and explanations of things that "aren't possible on a ball Earth!"  The list is long, but it is a list that Jim Fetzer believes to be tautological (Google this) and with "calculational mistakes," stating that Weiss's "ideas ... are logically possible alternatives that introduce different complications and complexities" ... whatever that means.  Do listen and watch for yourself:

Nobody Died at Sandy Hook bookThe new book compiled by Professor Jim Fetzer was abruptly dropped, after only 500 book sales, by Amazon and its subsidiary POD (print-on-demand) publisher CreateSpace.  The Internet is buzzing with the words "banned from Amazon" which we don't know is the case until someone who has a copy lists it for sale on Amazon.  Fetzer has a new POD through his own new company Moon Rock Books, jointly owned with co-editor Mike Palacek and designer/writer Ole Dammegard.  A chat with him revealed that CreateSpace had notified him that it would no longer be printing the book because it "violated guidelines," which very same guidelines were apparently not violated when the original agreement was made. "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" is Moon Rock's very first book.  Declaring itself unafraid of the truth, writers are encouraged to step forward and show their offerings!  See more at

Trump Wall by David Dees

Crossed with an eelpout, AquaBounty's GMO salmon reaches "market size" 12 months before natural salmon and was reviewed by the FDA not as a food but a DRUG!  This is truly wild, but the animal is not, of course, and was designed to be sterile in case it escapes.  Critics note that "the overall picture from the data is one of GE salmon being high in fat -- though not higher in beneficial omega fats -- and lower in protein.  Because salmon are prized for having high protein content and healthy fat levels ... these differences are of particular interest to consumers."   Read much more here.