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Professor James TracyMany of us have earned of James Tracy, Ph.D. from his diligent and courageous inquiries into Sandy Hook, posted on, beginning with his article on the unusual behavior of Dr. Wayne Carver (Connecticut's chief medical examiner) at his December 2014 press conference. The article went viral and Tracy has since collected thousands of followers.  The blog has covered many subjects and now features contributors besides Tracy himself; it also draws a remarkable number of deeply intelligent comments which refer visitors to valuable links with yet more information ... this is how the rabbit hole works!

However, this thoroughly genteel and professional academic recently received a notice of termination from the university at which he teaches (FAU in Boca Raton, Florida) -- for not filling out a certain set of forms on time.  This occurred right around Christmas, giving Tracy two weeks to respond. Let it be known that he is a terrific media-studies instructor with students who love his classes, yet the content of his personal blog has offended not only the powers-that-be at his university, but members of the Sandy Hook cast of characters. An Open Letter to the Sun Sentinel newspaper from the Pozners of Sandy Hook may have triggered FAU's interest in revoking Professor Tracy's tenure.

Tracy is now experiencing what appear to be secret retaliatory measures that suggest serious and deep interference in and with the methods by which we communicate.  See more here about this.

Read more here and here about how public opinion has been influenced in this matter.