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A toddler made the big time for her freakout at the notion that pop star Adam Levine got married.  While this may be amusing, the clip below from TheEllenShow, as the demigod himself is invited to meet his little super-fan, has some weird innuendos.  Notice the crooking finger on Adam and the idea itself of children marrying adults ... (have toddlers been aware of adult celebs all along, or did I miss something?)



So here's our hero Adam Levine, walking the streets with a prior flame, Victoria's Secret model Anne V ... We're looking at pajamas on him and men's underwear on her -- as outer-wear, yes! -- let's call it "underclads" (to name the trend)!  Tattoos highlighting male breasts, and what is in her pants, may we ask?  (If you never heard of Adam Levine, read more here.)


Adam Levine and Anne V