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Nobody Died at Sandy Hook bookThe new book compiled by Professor Jim Fetzer was abruptly dropped, after only 500 book sales, by Amazon and its subsidiary POD (print-on-demand) publisher CreateSpace.  The Internet is buzzing with the words "banned from Amazon" which we don't know is the case until someone who has a copy lists it for sale on Amazon.  Fetzer has a new POD through his own new company Moon Rock Books, jointly owned with co-editor Mike Palacek and designer/writer Ole Dammegard.  A chat with him revealed that CreateSpace had notified him that it would no longer be printing the book because it "violated guidelines," which very same guidelines were apparently not violated when the original agreement was made. "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" is Moon Rock's very first book.  Declaring itself unafraid of the truth, writers are encouraged to step forward and show their offerings!  See more at