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Chris Mintz in hospitalA shooting in Roseburg, Oregon at Umpqua Community College reported by media -- yet once again, none of the "evidence" adds up.  The "hero" (Chris Mintz) who was supposedly shot 7 times is pictured here in hospital, "proof" of his wounds being a bandage for typical navel-hernia-repair surgery and his friends making Baphomet signs at the camera (watch this video on YouTube).  Additionally, we learn that Umpqua Community College hosts a Police Reserves Academy and program, and Umpqua also just received a $2.2 million federal grant for "student success."  (Umpqua is a very small rural college with only 3300 day students.)

We are experiencing the ongoing militarization of America and the encroachment of the Police State.  Our government itself is no longer representative, but commercial/corporate, and so are our towns, cities, government agencies, water districts, police and sheriff departments.  All these entities exist solely to do commerce, which means competing for and being awarded corporate grant contracts from the federal government, which in turn exists to borrow money and dole it out to entities beneath it to install the New World Order, Agenda 21, and police-state fascism in our lives.  Why would Umpqua College be the winner of so much federal money?  Why would Umpqua College have a live-shooter event like Sandy Hook that makes national news, followed by two more shooter events elsewhere and Obama making an appearance to call for more gun control?

To justify and keep federal grant money, recipients have to train, practice and put it to use.  Could the Umpqua College "shooting" have been such an exercise?  We see too many smiling people who are supposedly "traumatized," no blood, no gunshots, plenty of Masonic symbolism, conflicting news reports -- the same dubious stuff that comes with the rest of the "shootings."  See the Umpqua Police Academy recruiting video below that makes the Academy course seem like so much great exercise and fun!

Eye in the CapstoneLarge-scale FEMA drills are called Capstone Events, and very large exercises involving multiple teams (agencies, departments) are called Integrated Capstone Events.  These involve "real-time documentation" which means that they are carried out and recorded as though they are real.  Participants are expected to act on and by their professional training.  Teams include the media and hospitals.  The term "capstone" suggests that many participants may not know if the event is staged or actual.  Only those at the top of the pyramid (in the capstone) know what's going on.  The capstone is where the "all-seeing eye" is (check an ordinary dollar bill).  News teams receiving information report it as real; drill "victims" are brought to local hospitals as part of the exercise.

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